qwerq SUDfuckasd

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found the darkness in my neighbour

found the fire in the frost

found the season once claimed healthy

i need the guidance of the lost

i enjoy not being around

dont you?
qwerq SUDfuckasd

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no one will ever be more important
no one will ever change my life like this

i never got to say anything

i want so bad to just look you in the eyes and say thank you
for making me what i am today

i want to meet someone that real
right now
and still be able to thank them for everything before they are gone

..and its never going to happen
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qwerq SUDfuckasd


MotorStadt Pt2
the rest of motorstadt
TobyMory 08'

im caught up
i think

and im ready for my B&W and slide film to get back from the lab.

im also ready to hit up the catalina

and im also ready for the open mic on sunday
dont forget

bring anyone you know who knows how to play guitar
or some shit


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qwerq SUDfuckasd


KWB Tribute 08'
KWB 08'

Summer 08'
Summer Fisheyes

MotorStadt Pt1
Motorstadt V pt1

On Sunday (Aug 10th)
Timbuktu is having its first open-mic.
3 dollars to get in, right after the mall closes at 6
its gonna be cool

thats all i have to say

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